Pratt’s Direct is a small, family-operated company that has been in and around the food concession business for 15 years. Through our own experience and by talking to health department officials, across the country, we possess a vast knowledge of the standard requirements. We certainly know the trials and tribulations of being involved in the food vendor market. We want to assist you in satisfying your health department with a seamless operation. We have shipped over 300 portable sinks to all US states. We have assisted in shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

In 2020, we expanded our target audience and moved into the health and beauty space when we designed portable salon sinks. With such a large customer base, we have received rave reviews! We are proud to say our business continues to grow with success stories and positive feedback. We have received great advice, suggestions, and innovative ideas from our customers. We also appreciate all the word of mouth advertising that comes along with a great customer service experience, which is our goal with each and every transaction. Why order from us? We care about small businesses... because we are one!

Pratts products upscale your business